импорт CAD моделей

CAD Xpansion SDK: Import and Geometry Recognition of 3D Models

CAD models import and geometry recognitionWith the CAD Xpansion SDK you can import 3D models from the STEP-, IGES, STL files and to recognize of a geometry of the certain parts (actually a shaft in mechanical design) from the STEP files.

With a smal couple of source code lines in your program you can open an arbitrary CAD file and display it in your program window. The following functionality is available as well:

  • display of the model
  • zoom in, zoom out
  • rotate and move the model
  • select the model elements, change a color or remove them

Examples of 3D Models Import:

CAD import

Visualisation with zoom, rotate, move, select and remove functions in your program is simply available in CAD Xpansion SDK.

Following shaft elements (DIN 743) will be always imported and recognized:

Shaft - geometry recognition

Besides of that further practically widespread shaft elements and grooves will be recognized and parametrized. One can also change the parameter values, i.e. change the geometry and export the model back in one of CAD formats.


CAD Xpansion Viewer can be downloaded and used as a trial application. With CAD Xpansion Viewer you can import and display different models in STEP, IGES, STL as well as to recognize the shaft geometry in details. With this trial application you can get a first impression about the functionality without a programming a trial program yourself. If you have questions please simply refer to our technical support. Good luck!


cad-imp-scr1cad-imp-scr3 cad-imp-scr4 cad-imp-scr2

The geometry recognition can be done actually for the shafts in mechanical design in STEP format.


CAD Xpansion SDK contains the program examples (source code in Microsoft Visual Studio C++) as well as example models in order to try export and import in CAD Xpansion Viewer.

General information about CAD Xpansion SDK, documentation and export functionality you can find here.

System requirements and license conditions